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808nm diode laser
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Technology introduction:

808nm Diode laser is the gold standard for hair removal. Light at the wavelength of 808nm is absorbed by melanin and at the same time, greatly reduce the absorbtion by water and haematoglobin. Treatment is safe for epidermis.

What is “jet smooth”

“Jet smooth” adopts 808nm diode laser, uniform energy constantly penetrates deep into dermis and heat hair follicle with maximum 10 pulses in one seconds. Instead of destroying follicle in a short time, fast mode is specially designed to heat hair follicles to proper damage point gradually with low frequency to assure the virtual painless and fast treatment.



       1.Rapid hair removal with maximum 10HZ repetition rate

       2.Virtual painless hair removal treatment

       3.Easy navigation

       4.No consumables

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